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New Years Eve 2020

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December 2020 Word Search 

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yule have a jolly holiday word

December 2020

Holly Daze

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September 2020 Word Search 

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February 2020:


For a short month, February is known for many things, ending with an extra day every four years. Happy Leap Year, 2020! Before that we observe Groundhog Day when the critter observes his own shadow (or not), Valentine's Day (love and dark chocolate time), and Presidents Day (Happy birthday George and Abe). We cheered for our favorite team in the Super Bowl on the 2nd and our favorite stars at the Academy Awards on the 9th - which is also National Pizza Day! And before we celebrate Mardi Gras on the 25th, here's to National Drink Wine Day on the 18th and National Margarita Day on the 22nd. So cheers to February, also known as Black History Month and American Heart Month!

Here's a riddle in recognition of Presidents Day to get your February thinking in the right direction.


  • In the year 1894, if all of the American presidents had been able to stand in a row, how far would they have reached?

January 2020

"20/20 Double Vision…"

Here we are at the start of a NEW Year AND a NEW Decade!

In 2020 focus your vision on simple lifestyle changes to improve your overall health, physical and mental, and to make it 20/20!

Start by trying new kinds of puzzles and word games, like the following Double Vision example. Directions: In each of the following words, there are two double blanks. Fill in the blanks with the same pair of letters in the same order to complete an English word. For example, use the letter‐pair a c in b__ __k p __ __ k to make the word backpack.

 BRAIN‐tertainer™ Tips:   Look for common letter patterns such as "ing" and "tion" or "ment". Remember to note unusual letter combinations like "zard" to come up with the unique word that works. And don't forget that words often start with vowels.


  • p _ _ n _ _


  • lo _ _ i _ _


  • _ _ i _ _


  • v _ _ lat _ _ n


  • s _ _ ur _ _ e


  • _ _ at _ _


  • b _ _ _ _ a


  • _ _ p _ _ zard


  • s _ _ t i m _ _ t

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