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Who Is Judy Herman? 

Judy Herman, the “BRAIN-tertainer™”  is a “Jeopardy” champion, a dedicated teacher, a motivating speaker, and author of three “BRAIN-tertainment!™ Collections” of puzzles and word games.  She has created a unique blend of brain-training and entertainment . And “That’s BRAIN-tertainment!™”


In her presentations Judy entertains groups large and small with lively audience-participation word games, brain teasers, observation and logic puzzles.  She educates with practical memory strategies and recall techniques. Her good sense of humor, relatable stories and engaging personality make Judy much in demand as a speaker at dozens of clubs and condos, active-adult and senior communities, as well as  many fund-raising, support and networking organizations throughout South Florida.


With a degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and inspired by helping her own mother cope with cognitive decline, Judy created and is the dedicated teacher of “All Aboard the Brain Train” classes.  Since 2005, she has created and shared her challenging puzzles, memory improvement tips and healthy-aging topics with thousands of students, currently in monthly sessions (virtually and live) at fourteen senior communities in South Florida. 


Stop complaining – start Brain-training!

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