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WELCOME to BRAIN-tertainment!

Ready to change your mind?  If you can't: Find your keys...Remember a name...Think of a word …

you're not alone! 

Upgrade your brain from a maze to amazing with simple strategies,

effective exercises and engaging games.

Stop complaining!  Start brain training and keep your mind on track!

When you want a motivating speaker to provide a unique blend of entertainment and brain training ... 

When you'd like to get mental exercise with challenging cognitive games and puzzles ... 

When you just want to remember the word on the tip of your tongue!



"All Aboard The Brain Train" Is A Cognitive Fitness Class. 

Your instructor, the personable Judy Herman, engages participants with interactive word games, logic puzzles and memory techniques.

Small groups and one-on-one sessions available. 



Let Me Braintertain You! 

Judy Herman, your personal "BRAINTERTAINER," presents a unique blend of brain training and entertainment, combining practical memory improvement techniques with interactive word games and logic puzzles.  

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Make your next meeting or session engaging and memorable!

Judy offers an activity packed 45 minute video ready for your organization's next event! 

It challenges audiences to engage their brains in a fun and entertaining way.

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Judy Herman's "All Aboard the Brain Train." Our residents always "got on board" for her class and I wish she resided closer so we could continue our relationship. 

Her class stimulated our residents' minds with word puzzles, brain games and memory techniques. It was truly a workout for the mind! 

Ms. Herman's warmth, paired with her well-prepared, informative and stimulating lessons drew much interest.  She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her program. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me." 

- Laura Braff ‐ Lifestyle Director (FiveStar Premier Residences of Teaneck New Jersey)


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