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Neon Spheres

Upgrade your brain from a maze to amazing! 

Use simple strategies, effective exercises and engaging games to help improve your brain health. 


Hi, I'm Judy Herman

Special Interest/Enrichment Lecturer

 As " The Brain-tertainer", I present programs to active adult communities, local businesses, and social and educational organizations aiming to help improve brain health using fun games and activities. Whether you need a motivating speaker or just want to challenge yourself with cognitive games and puzzles, I provide a unique blend of entertainment and brain training meant to keep your mind on track! 

Do you have trouble remembering...


Where you put your keys?


A name? 


Why you went into that room?


Zoom Classes

"All Aboard The Brain Train" Is A Mental Fitness Class. 

Your instructor, the personable Judy Herman, engages participants with interactive word games, logic puzzles and memory techniques.

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Let Me Braintertain You! 

Judy Herman, your personal "BRAINTERTAINER," presents a unique blend of brain training and entertainment, combining practical memory improvement techniques with interactive word games and logic puzzles. These are provided 1-on-1 or groups as requested.  


Curated Videos

Make your next meeting or session engaging and rememberable!

Judy offers live interactive 45 min to an hour curated video sessions tailored to your organization or event.

It challenges audiences to engage their brains in a fun and entertaining way.

What People Say

" Judy Herman sends the folks at the Academy of Continuing Education scrabbling to find the best seat in the house when she presents her classes.

She is engaging, entertaining and enlightening! One of the most popular presentations of the season. "

Alan Egenthal ‐ Director and Coordinator of the ACE program
(The Ross JCC in Boynton Beach, Florida)

Watch Judy on YouTube! 

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